About Libby

Like many inventions my jewellery business came out of a desire for pieces that worked for me. Statement pieces, funky slightly retro styles, colour and more colour. My inspiration comes from the landscape and the vibrant take no prisoners colours from the 60s and 70s. The delicate finery of the 30s finds it way in too. I'm currently obsessed with recycled sea glass. The palette is endless. Think Disco Orange, Bondi Beach Blue, Sea Foam, Saffron, Cherry Red and Tangerine. In some necklaces I bring all these colours together. They can literally be worn with anything. Each piece is completed with high-grade sterling silver and original. If you see a piece on the site that takes your fancy but the colour scheme won’t work for you – get in touch and chances are I can make a bespoke piece just for you!


Libby Douglas Jewellery Designs